Your Advent

​Your advent rushed through the ridges between Goosebumps and I can taste its victory, I can feel the freedom that was lost in between  The static of fingers grasping for identity. Here it comes, Rising up from my core, Tearing through fear I’m not alone anymore. You promised us change, But now I can see, … More Your Advent

What A Mess

​I hid that treasure beyond your reach, Or so I thought. Deep within my chest I hid it with long lies That walk circles around your ears And chase your thoughts from the question “What have you done?” Or so I thought. I hid it for my lusting eyes. I hid it for my salivating, … More What A Mess

I Did it Again.

I did it again, I forgot how to scribble out words that really meant more than what they said Until bubbling from inside, It leaked out in one Chilling, echoing scream at the past, At Yesterday’s reminder of what pain really is. Words fill thoughts And thoughts fill journal pages And journal pages fill bookshelves … More I Did it Again.

Oaks of Righteousness

I crave to be like the Oaks of Righteousness. Do you remember hearing about them? They stood behind a savior More than followers but rooted in His discipleship, Learning from his pursuant love, Plunging down into a consistency this world’s orbit around the sun couldn’t fathom. Never drawn off course, Or weakened Or cracked Or frayed Or like … More Oaks of Righteousness

Little One

Tiny toes and little hands Flirt with the world they interact with. Small ears and big eyes soak up the loud stimulation. Blinking and staring, Squinting and stretching to focus and hone what will be memorized. My dimples, Freckles, Curls and nose are her home. Those eyes are like her fathers, The iris like her … More Little One

The Dream

The dream rode in on the moon’s kiss Through the clouds reflecting its purity. It settled in her ears and tickled her spine, It invaded and spread over her jumbling thoughts Until like ink in water, It was everywhere. It steadied her breath and began to whisper the story. She was carried past the sands … More The Dream

Morning Breath

Stirring beneath sheets and pillows And the weight of her dreams, She slowly collides with a waking reality. Among the drool, crusty eyelids, And morning breath, There lingers an innocence in the air That death and loss and sadness cannot penetrate. She lingers in a midst of groggy infatuation with sleepy temptation As her love … More Morning Breath

Her Breath

She blew a whisper to the stars And they echoed back their mysteries. From her hair strands light prisms stood on end And universes collided. In all her wonder she knew, Her breath meant either life, Or destruction.