I’ve Said Too Much, But Can’t Regret A Word.

I’ve said too much, but can’t regret a word.

It came into my mind and instead of lassoing it in, haltering it to refrain from collateral damage, I let it fly instead.  “I believe we were all meant for freedom, to live in grace with a mentality to do better because we are inspired to, not out of obligation or to meet some expectation.”  That’s what I said.

I delved into my mind,

Where the feathers nestled restlessly.

I aroused life and love and


And as the wings woke from their slumber,

I placed onto their backs my words,

And let them fly.

They flew to ears,

Into sun rays,

Into headphones and cellphone speaker-holes,

Into change and into motion,

Into hearts and into walls.

I had no control over where they landed,

Only that they flew,

And that I shall never regret.


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