Jen & Luke’s Poem

You are my favorite.
No, not you but the one that made you.
The One we worship,
The One we praise,
The One we hope in.
The One that gave us Africa,
That One that gave you freckles and clumsy feet,
The One that showed me strength,
The One that loaned us the hearts to fall,
Taught us the love I now give to you,
Whose faithfulness trained us for marriage,
And the One who granted me a friend,
And partner.
You are my favorite,
No not you, but my Maker
That this day and every day after will be yet another reason to praise Him together.
Do you feel his jealously?
I hear it in the waves against the cliffs,
I see it in the flirting leaves and sun beams,
I feel it when I’m lost meditating in his grace.
So for today and every day after I make these vows.
Vows of honesty,
And friendship
But most importantly,
I vow to never rise above your love for our God.
That I will remind our marriage to mimic His beauty,
I will remind our marriage to be a covenant displaying love in a Creator more than each other.
Please love me second.
Love God before me,
Love God before our children,
Before your own love,
Before our home,
Before our possessions,
Before our new lives,
This adventure,
The mornings of coffee breath,
The burnt dinners,
Before we become a better half to another,
Before the arguments and apologies,
The joy and the pain,
Before the laughs and tears,
Before me.
You are my favorite.
No, not you
But the Rock on which we now and forevermore stand together.
Unite with me my love in this vow
And pierce my heart with your sincerity,
And let us find out together how vast His jealous love is for us.
I love you,
And you will always be my 2nd favorite.


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