Does Compassion Belong In Weight Loss?

I enjoy what this article says. It IS easier to be yelled at and to make decisions based on fear, but when you exist within compassion it builds a character to make those tough decisions on its own.

Jonathan P. Phillips

I have been thinking a lot lately about this question.

Do those seeking to lose weight need compassion from others or do they just need a kick in the pants?

I think we see a lot of the latter around. Why else would personal trainers be feared more than sought out. So many people think that personal trainers just beat you up and make you sore. Thanks to popular television we know they scream at you and call you names until you fall down and puke. That must be what people need to lose weight right. Tough love. Compassion has no place in your fitness routine.

How about in dietary choices. When we read about bodybuilders we see that they seem to be fanatical in their diets. Eating nothing but boiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and protein shakes. Or some of the nutrition fads that say only raw veggies or…

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