A Poem to a Sister

I’m back!

After taking time off from blogging and writing, partially from writers block and partially from moving across the country, I am finally back.  My mind free of the stresses of unpacking, job hunting, settling, and grinding away at the acceptance of where I now live, I am back and focused.  This poem is one I wrote and titled A Poem to a Sister for someone very dear to me that was recently married.  It wasn’t easy to write and it never seems to be when someone close to you inspires so many emotions at once.  After mulling over this piece for days I finally accepted the final copy and performed it at the reception.  Among the twinkle lights, dust from the shaving-covered barn floor and dull hum of a microphones feedback, I rediscovered the deep passion and love for writing poetry and performing its hidden secrets.  I discovered inspiration again, inspiration that comes from living life.  It’s living out those adrenaline-pinching moments where thought, smell, taste and touch overwhelm every part of the soul, igniting the memory of what joy writing brings to life.  I hope you enjoy how this piece maps out a life spent with a partner, and how a changing love only strengthens with the assistance of time.

I see a giggling little girl smiling
With spaghetti in her hair
And parmesan in her eyebrows.
I see a boy with a brother as a best friend
Hiding among pillows in a living room fort.
I see a love,
The kind that is born young
With too much air in its lungs and a tongue that doesn’t seem to move fast enough.
Love that sails with feathers soaked in sun rays
And the wind at its demand.
A love that is fierce with red passion
And as still as a hummingbirds flutter.
I see a girl with dreams that fill oceans
And a boy with curiosity that tap dances over reason.
I see a love that sets the sun on orange fire
And raises the stars with its limitless strength.
I see a love held in the suspense between beating wings,
Between deep, nervous breaths,
Between clasped sweaty palms,
Between tear drops and exhales,
Between changes in the breeze,
Between a two-word vow,
Between a ring and a finger,
And held in the suspense of a first kiss.
I see a girl radiating her beauty and strength and captivating presence
Like the dew-filled mountains at sunrise,
Or like oak trees that twist and stretch to tickle the clouds.
I see a boy standing securely firm in himself,
In his maker,
And in his purpose
Like steady, rippling lake water whispering to the breeze,
Or a potter with creative patience molding a new design.
I see a love that weeps off paper and palms,
That paints out truth when this world dares you to believe there is none.
I see a love that matures like forehead wrinkles
And grows down to deep, rooted depths,
That draws out hard laughter,
Rejoicing song,
Passionate compassion,
And the kind of sacrifice that nails itself to a tree.
I see a girl with silver in her hair,
Wrinkling knuckles,
And clumsy feet.
I see a boy with rough, calloused hands,
Old, dirty glasses,
And velcro shoes.
I see a love that’s met eternity, and its maker’s promise.


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