Wedding Vows

Where love and faithfulness met

Righteousness kissed peace

And like the softness in a feathers fibers

It laid itself upon our hearts,

And His rains poured a blessing.

His words blew in sunshine

And His whisper was mimicked by birds in springtime,

And I could sing my throat dry of this goodness,

I could cry tears to pave paths for His feet,

Tears He fills up with salty hope.

So here is my praise laid full on paper,

My heart poured out in ink,

And I would shoot it to the stars

In hopes someone caught the trail dust in lungs

And coughed up their hearts longing already met

From His rains of mercy.

And here we are,

Entangling futures,

Sewing together our hearts to another’s soul’s song,

Walking in the hanging in the midst of a loving father.

Let’s jump together to find out the strength of His feathers.

And let us breath full and bright the light He gave us

Because everyday, He will be there

Like the breeze between the leaves,

Because everyday He will listen,

Like the sands for the oceans,

Because everyday He will be proud

Because of what’s already been done.

Today we join hands and

Put metal around a left-handed finger,

But He forever remembered you and I

Well before tradition.

And it’s there,

Wrapped up in His goodness

That the light shines for our entangled, blessed, futures.


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