Oaks of Righteousness

I crave to be like the Oaks of Righteousness.
Do you remember hearing about them?
They stood behind a savior
More than followers but rooted in His discipleship,
Learning from his pursuant love,
Plunging down into a consistency this world’s orbit around the sun couldn’t fathom.
Never drawn off course,
Or weakened
Or cracked
Or frayed
Or like the snapping of twigs,
His love prevailed through this world’s stomach-punching curve ball.
I crave my downfall
And His foundational life-supporting rise.
For the roots of my thirsty spiritual soul to extend down and drink up the strength,
The power,
The patient-protecting
Awesome raw comfort of Christ the Counselor,
And slurp it up.
Fusing it with my core,
Memorizing the consistency of saving grace and just…
Sitting on my foundation,
Letting twisting
Independent roots take hold of the one thing that doesn’t know how to crumble.
Then I’ll choose to GROW.
Passionate pursuing protective beauty beats my heart drum into long-awaited submission.
And I let go,
And I grow.
Like the 10-year-old boy in line for the Spiderman ride crossing fingers he’s tall enough,
Like the flowers bursting up and out at the tickling of the sun,
Like the first stretch of the morning,
Nicks in doorframes,
Little girls in high heels,
And like the day I realized there was more to the bible than Sunday school answers and broken people
I opened up
Let go
I was set free to look up,
Breathing deep and growing up from my rooted salvation-saving hold,
It’s bursting out of me!
The sap of words from what I learn courses through me,
Strengthening my eyesight that distils the blurry image of who Christ is.
I grow.
I twist and turn as I take all of life’s punches
And make its sin angry at the way I learn from it;
And reaching out my branches
I become my own uniqueness from how I use the brokenness around me for beauty.
It’s a transformation.
It’s redemption.
It’s a foundation built up from rooted trust.
The first rain drop on a silky-still puddle,
The first vibration of a guitar’s string,
The first confession,
The first acceptance,
The first step forward when I evolve more into an understander of grace and forgiver of myself.
My roots reaching down,
Core vibrating with the biblical equipment supporting the growth outwards,
Branches extending around and strengthening,
And all of a sudden a terribly persistent pursuing beauty reveals itself,
It whispers to the branches,
And they BLOOM.
They bloom wide open and smile as they flirt with the suns fingertips.
I can see it,
And I can feel it and sense the closeness,
It’s a silky soft living vibration in my ear,
A tickle on the face of my lips,
Tears swimming up from behind my eyelids,
A rock concert of heart beats,
I am the victim that was found!
I am sinking in hope,
Breathing in grace,
And residing with my faithful Counselor.
Like an eagle’s first flight,
Grass tickling your feet,
Or a sunset enticing hues to recite their poetry
It’s an intoxicating freedom,
A wonderful wondrous mind-blowing excited embrace
Of His pursuit.
I am pursued,
I am in bloom,
Displaying the radiance flowing within me,
Marinating in his presence and love,
Craving to be like the Oaks of Righteousness.
Do you remember hearing about them?
We are standing behind a savior,
More than just fans,
But Oaks of Righteousness,
And it’s time to bloom
For your Creator.


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