Rescue Me

Find me here,Between the lacings of what I will and won’t forget, And beg again if I’m ok. You’ll rescue me from this, But not without having to find me first. You’ll approach broken until I let go, You’ll ask what more can you do. Rescue my ears from the lies that mildew them, Rescue … More Rescue Me

Good Morning

Good morning to the air in my lungs, To the drool my cheek shares with the pillow, To the warmth resting to my right, To the mouse droppings in the bathroom, The dripping in the sink, The cold kitchen floor, And the chalky dark coffee grains. Good morning to gravity, To the song behind the … More Good Morning


Inspiration soaks deep between bone and marrow, Daring you to ask for its origin, Marrying itself to the inside voice until fingers bleed out its luscious, beautiful demands. It waits on windowsills for lost souls to catch the infection. It entangles whomever it wishes, Ensnares even the most hopeless of broken-winged angels Until their voices … More Inspiration

Bleached Hands

You threw bible verses down my throat and painted my hands white. You told me purity is perfection and sin is the thing you do but don’t tell anyone about. You told me I make God angry. You told me I make God sad. You told me I have to work for Gods love, you … More Bleached Hands

Wedding Vows

Where love and faithfulness met Righteousness kissed peace And like the softness in a feathers fibers It laid itself upon our hearts, And His rains poured a blessing. His words blew in sunshine And His whisper was mimicked by birds in springtime, And I could sing my throat dry of this goodness, I could cry … More Wedding Vows


She blew a whisper to the starsAnd they echoed back their mysteries. From her hair strands light prisms stood on end And universes collided. And in all her wonder she knew, Her breath meant either  Life, Or destruction.

A Poem to a Sister

I’m back! After taking time off from blogging and writing, partially from writers block and partially from moving across the country, I am finally back.  My mind free of the stresses of unpacking, job hunting, settling, and grinding away at the acceptance of where I now live, I am back and focused.  This poem is … More A Poem to a Sister


They fall when the music turns soft and hatred throws itself against your walls. They leak while you look the other way and turn salty when you realize it won’t stop. They sting when there’s been too many and soften when there aren’t enough. Sometimes they are your own soul’s escaping, Heart’s releasing, Emotion’s pleading, … More Tears